• Dachsanierung

  • Holzbau - Dachstuhl

  • Dachsanierung - Bauernhof

  • Eindecken einer Dachfläche an einem Neubau

  • Aufstellen von Massivholzelementen

Your professional for:


  •     Renovation of old buildings and roofs
  •     New construction of single-family and multi-family houses
  •     Commercial properties, social facilities, kindergartens
  •     Supply and assembly of roof truss, carport, agricultural sheds, etc.
  •     Conversion and extension of living space
  •     roof covering
  •     Renovation and modernisation of old buildings
  •     Energetic rehabilitation
  •     facade cladding
  •     Production of timber joinery, timber frame walls and glue-free cross laminated timber from a single source
  •     Special components according to customer requirements

We carry out our activities within a radius of 50 km, so that we are always nearby for you.

We are a member of the Wolfach guild of carpenters.

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