Renovation, extension of living space

Would you like to increase the space available, perhaps because the family is growing?

Use of the old stock offers extraordinary advantages over new construction. Also by the sinking offer at building sites and the associated rising property prices many owners look for an alternative possibility around your dream of the own four walls to be able to realize. For this the use of old stock offers itself. This can be supplemented, reorganized or extended. Wood is by the small own weight, in contrast to other building materials, an outstanding building and material. With the redesign of the existing building all possibilities are open with the "building with wood". In terms of costs, the conversion or extension is also a cost-effective alternative to new construction. Not only the value of the real estate is increased by such a building measure clearly, it wins also optically at attractiveness. An existing single-family house can be turned into a multi-generation house and also offers space for future generations.

We will be happy to advise you and show you various possibilities.   

Roof extension

With this house (see pictures right) the old saddle roof was extended with an extension. Thus a bright apartment for the next generation was created from the dark storehouse.



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