Social facilities, kindergartens, commercial & object buildings

The topic of healthy housing has long since arrived in the new construction of schools, day-care centres and day-care facilities. More and more property developers are aware of the responsibility for a natural living environment for users. With the glue- and metal-free NUR-HOLZ solid wood system, we have already been able to build several day-care centres for children. An essential advantage of the NUR-HOLZ construction elements is on the one hand the diffusible surface, which regulates the humidity inside and thus creates an excellent room climate. On the other hand, the beauty of the wood radiates comfort and peace. Almost every imaginable building shape can also be realised according to your own plans.

We can also realise multi-storey office buildings, hotels, shops, restaurants, industrial halls and even churches. Here, too, the naturalness of wood is a clear advantage. We would be pleased to advise you on the construction of social and commercial buildings and provide you with a reference list of our activities in this area to date.

A weather-independent prefabrication also enables a faster completion of the object, saves construction and maintenance costs and reduces construction defect risks.

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