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Perhaps you are planning to build a house for your family? Are you planning to build an apartment building, a building for your company or a social institution such as a kindergarten or school?

Benefit from our many years of experience in building with wood. Traditional craftsmanship paired with modern technology and rational processes are not a contradiction in terms, but guarantee you a fast and smooth construction process.
As a company, we want to make an active contribution to reducing our impact on the environment. Through regional purchasing, we avoid long transport routes and thus pollutant emissions. Furthermore, we act responsibly towards the environment by using ecological building materials. Economy and ecology are a matter of course for us.

Our high-performance company employs 20 qualified employees, consisting of master carpenters, journeymen carpenters and trainees.
The annual training of young people is a matter of course for us and ensures the next generation of carpenters. We have already received several awards from the Chamber of Crafts for this extraordinary commitment to training. In 2013 we received the award "Craftsman's Company of the Year".

Everything from a single source

timber framing

The design of timber frame, log and solid timber houses as well as roof trusses is carried out by our qualified team of employees. In our own factory, the timber is then cut to size using the latest CNC technology.
More information on our page Rombach solutions in wood / joinery.

Wooden frame

We manufacture customer-oriented high-quality wooden frame elements from one-sided planked to completely closed, with external formwork or insulation. Depending on the customer's requirements in different stages of expansion. Our product variety gives you the opportunity to combine all the services we offer in one building.
As an example:
Wooden frame outer walls with larch trapezoidal formwork, completely insulated with installation level. Inside walls planked on one side, perfectly fitted exposed beam layer with roof truss.
Membership in the DHV and external monitoring by the MPA Stuttgart guarantee quality for the highest demands.
Further information about our timber frame construction under Rombach solutions in timber / timber frame construction.


is a product of the company Rombach. NUR-HOLZ wall, ceiling and roof elements consist entirely of wood. They are characterised by their complete freedom from glue and metal, as well as the beech solid wood screw as an innovative fastener. Further information about our unique product can be found under Rombach NUR-HOLZ.

Timber construction / carpentry

After the production of the required wooden components, our carpenters assemble your object on site. We guarantee punctual delivery by truck.

For us, the focus is on

Satisfied customers are an incentive for the future.
That is why our skilled carpenters are at your side for expert advice and support before and during the construction phase.

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