Roof truss, roof covering

They say the roof is the crown of the house. Anyone who agrees must acknowledge that the roof truss is the central scaffolding of this crown!

When it comes to erecting the roof trusses we manufacture, we are happy to work for you. There are many different possibilities for the execution. We will be happy to respond to your wishes. The naturalness and comfort of the wood can be realised with a visible roof truss with on-roof insulation or a roof truss with inter-rafter insulation.

After erecting the truss, we will be happy to cover it to protect your building against rain and weather. There are many different possibilities for roofing. The manufacturers now offer different materials, shapes and colours for each roof shape. Our range of services includes roofing with clay tiles, concrete roof tiles, fibre cement and sheet metal roofing as well as the installation of roof windows. We will be happy to advise you on your choice.

We will be pleased to assist you with suitable snow protection systems and with advice and calculation of the legally prescribed wind suction protection. On request, our qualified employees will secure your roof professionally.

We offer a special service with our annual "roof inspection" campaign. Here we check the condition of your roof in a 20-point check. Existing defects and damages are recorded in a checklist. We also clean your gutters with this service.

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