Renovation of old buildings, modernisation

refurbishment of an old building

Beautiful decorations on the walls, high ceilings, creaking wooden floors - old buildings exert a special charm on many people with their charm. The term old building renovation generally refers to all renovation measures that are carried out on existing buildings. Existing structures are modernised and adapted to new standards, but as a rule they are not rebuilt. Thus, defects in the facade, roof, cellar, heating, doors and windows are repaired and insulation and seals are renewed and repaired. In addition, the renovation of old buildings can make economic and ecological sense because it offers an alternative to demolition or new construction and conserves resources. We will be happy to help you check the load-bearing parts, with a new room layout and with a listed building we will also replace old, rotten woods to restore the original picture. Since our carpenter has already renovated and restored many buildings, we can show you many possibilities with our great experience. Talk to us.

In the course of an old building renovation it is recommended to carry out an energetic renovation. This can save heating costs. The roof, the windows and the facade offer the highest saving potentials. We will be happy to advise you.


When modernising, we make sure that both your roof and your façade get a new look. The value of a property can be increased by energetic renovation measures.

Are you planning to renovate your roof or façade? We, as a master craftsman company, are happy to assist you with our knowledge and skills. Such renovation measures will considerably increase the quality of your living and at the same time increase the value of your property. Around two thirds of the energy can be saved by energetic renovation measures. The most important measure here is the insulation of the building envelope. This is because an energetically intact building envelope allows expensive heating heat to escape only minimally. Summer heat protection and low heat losses in the cold season are further arguments in favour of conversion measures. A renovation pays for itself in the long term, through lower heating costs, and also protects the environment.

We will be happy to advise you personally which measure is the right one for your home.



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