According to calculations by the GEEA (Alliance of Building Energy Efficiency), the majority of old German buildings have a poor energy balance and do not meet the current standard described in the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance). The most important measure here is the insulation of the building envelope.

We prefer to use insulating materials and materials made from renewable raw materials, such as wood fibre insulation boards. An alternative is the blow-in insulation which consists of pure wood fibres.

Due to the excellent properties, we like to use a wood fibre blow-in insulation for an ecological and building biological living climate. The interlocking of the individual wood fibres creates an insulation layer that is secure against settling and free of joints. This type of insulation offers very good heat storage and insulation, not only in winter but also in summer heat. The wood fibre blow-in insulation is particularly open to diffusion, which ensures a healthy room climate. It consists of recyclable, unmixed pine wood fibres.

An energetic renovation pays off permanently, offers summer heat protection, prevents heat loss in the cold season and also protects the environment.




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